Calm Cottontail Products
The Calm Cottontail product line features products designed to help children find their calm place in this busy world.  Using the Cottontail as the role model in this storyline is very peaceful and soothing to children.
Our first product in the series is the Calm Cottontail Main Lesson Book.   This is a book for parents, teachers, childcare professionals, yoga instructors and anyone who wants to make a difference in a young person's life.  This books contains 142 pages and many exercises that can be used over and over for calming.
Calm Cottontail lives in a peaceful garden and teaches children calming techniques and an appreciation for nature.  The book contains 10 Cottontail Stretches, along with breathing exercises, guided imagery, many nature references with nocturnal animals and flowers. 
In 10 easy to follow lessons (that anyone can use!).
The following challenging behaviors can be addressed:  hyperactivity, anxiety, anger, fear, lonliness, sadness, low self-esteem, lack of focus, sleep problems, and bad days.  In a world filled with noise, stress and pressure for little ones, Calm Cottontail provides innovative strategies to help children find their peaceful place.
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Calm Cottontail Book
10 Easy Lesson for Calming Children For Children Ages 3-10 142 Pages
Price: $19.99
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